About Hope Accounting

A little about Hope Accounting Ballarat

Based in Ballarat, Hope Accounting helps local businesses grow and thrive.

  • We're skilled in tax and super
  • We're good at solving problems
  • We're future thinkers

Hope Accounting offers professional tax accountant services, valuable business support and specialist superannuation services for:

  • family businesses,
  • women business owners, and
  • women in business partnerships.

Hope Accounting Ballarat helps business owners navigate and streamline their business tax, account management and superannuation responsibilities.

Our Director: Sharon P. Hope CPA

The Hope Accounting team in Ballarat is managed by Sharon P. Hope, CPA.

A fully qualified Certified Practicing Accountant and SMSF Specialist in Australia, Sharon has over 25 years of professional experience in Australian taxation, accounting and self-managed superannuation funds.

  • Registered Tax Agent with Tax Practitioners Board
  • Public Practice Certificate – CPA Public Practitioner (CPA Australia)
  • Public Practice License – CPA Public Practitioner (CPA Australia)
  • SMSF Auditor (ASIC approved)
  • SMSF Specialist (CPA Australia)

Prior to 2018, Sharon successfully managed and directed two distinct, yet complementary, business services: Hope Accounting, established in 2015, and SMSF Auditor Online, established in 2008.

For 10 years, SMSF Auditor Online provided trustees, trust managers and accountants of self-managed superannuation funds with an Australia-wide independent SMSF auditing service. SMSF Auditor Online delivered quality superfund audits, compliance testing, financial reporting as well as professional SMSF support and advice, with strict attention to client confidentiality.

In 2018, Sharon merged her SMSF services under the Hope Accounting brand.

Now, business owners can take advantage of both Sharon’s tax accounting and superannuation expertise via Hope Accounting’s full suite of services.

Sharon brings a fun, yet professional, approach to business accounting and superannuation in Ballarat.

Having seen brilliant business ideas flourish with the dedicated support of a tax mentor and advisor, Sharon knows what’s possible for family businesses in Ballarat.

Disappointingly, she’s also seen the flipside – when a business could have been more successful if only they’d taken advantage of the good-quality tax and/or superannuation information provided.

In short, that’s why Hope Accounting Ballarat exists today. To breathe new life into business planning and success strategies for local Ballarat businesses. 

As your support network, Sharon and her team care about your hopes and dreams for the future.