Self-Managed Super Funds

We specialise in SMSF Super Fund Tax Returns

Hope Accounting Ballarat provide expert knowledge and specialist experience in self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) and retirement planning.

We’ll answer all your questions on the financial benefits of setting up a self-managed super fund in Ballarat, plus prepare your SMSF tax return correctly.

  • It’s not overly complicated to set up an SMSF - but there are certain regulations and compliance obligations to understand.
  • In short, SMSFs are monitored by the ATO for tax compliance and you must submit an income tax return for your self-managed superannuation fund.
  • Furthermore, financial reporting will help you see what’s happening with your SMSF investments.
  • Plus, an independent audit will ensure your self-managed super fund tax set up is correct.

Having an SMSF set up correctly, your SMSF tax returns completed by a professional, and understanding what’s possible with your SMSF in Ballarat will help you reach your investment goals more effectively. 

Why seek Specialist SMSF Advice, Ballarat?

Sometimes a complex situation regarding a Ballarat SMSF audit or SMSF review may arise. This may require understanding the situation better before major changes to your super fund’s operations are made.

That’s when talking to Hope Accounting for genuine, specialist SMSF advice makes sense. Over the years, we’ve seen all manner of SMSF arrangements – what works, and what

doesn’t work.

A professional opinion from a Ballarat specialist in SMSF regulations, SMSF laws and practical applications could save you a lot of headaches (and money!) in the long run.

Hope Accounting also offer independent SMSF audits for trust managers and accountants seeking SMSF audits for clients. As SMSF industry professionals, Hope Accounting provide quality, confidential SMSF compliance and financial reports, too.

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